Each client will get a program designed to specifically meet their needs. Clients can expect consulting in all of the following areas:

What Schools are a 'Fit'?Initial discussion with player to find possible target schools and programs which fit their academic record, golf abilities and long-term goals.  What are the best fit schools and program for the client?    

Playing & Academic Resume:  Assistance in preparing resume and introductory letter to send to coaches of program which client is targeting.  This will also include guidance on swing video production.

Communication with Coaches:  What are the best practices in communicating with coaches, using e-mail, phone, text and social media?  Guidance with setting up phone calls with a coach.

NCAA Rules Education:  Educating the client and parents on the rules governing Division I, II & III, NAIA and JuCo coaches.  Explain the NCAA Initial Eligibility requirements and amateurism rules.  

Tournament Schedule:  Explanation of the various junior golf tours/tournaments and how to earn entry or qualify for those events.  Explanation of junior golf rankings and the role they playing recruiting.  Assist in planning tournament schedule.

College Visits:  Counseling for Official/Unofficial visits.  Discussions with the client before and after each campus visit.  What should the client ask and look for on visits?  Help the client develop a checklist of questions to ask.  Does the school and program meet the needs of the client?  Did the program check all the boxes?

On Course Evaluation:  Evaluate the client during a round of golf (preferably tournament round).  Offer an honest assessment of their game and offer suggestions for improvement using course management, statistical analysis, sports psychology and best practice habits.  Evaluation of equipment and recommendations for club fitting if needed.  If needed, advice on hiring an instructor will be given (DCL services do not include any swing instruction).  

Best Practices for Success in College:   Advice on starting the best habits and skills necessary to be a successful student-athlete in college.  Counseling on time-management, stress management, conditioning to help balance your body and mind so you can always be at your best in the classroom and on the golf course.

NCAA Compliance

Dormie College Links programs are fully compliant with current NCAA Rules & Regulations.  Our programs do not market a prospective student-athlete's ability or reputation, negotiate or promise the awarding of scholarships or serve as an agent in any way.  Any fees paid are not based on placing the prospective student-athlete in an institution as a recipient of any institutional financial aid.