College Golf Recruit Consulting

Start your journey to playing college golf with advice & counsel based upon 25 years of college coaching experience. 


The journey toward attending college and securing a roster position to play college golf can be daunting for both student-athlete and parents.  Where do we start?  What events should we be playing to get our child noticed?  Can my child get admitted with their grades?  How do I get my child the best chance to earn a scholarship?   If you are a parent, you undoubtedly have asked yourself these questions.  Jay Albaugh and Dormie College Links can offer you the honest counsel and mentoring needed to simplify the process...


Coach Jay Albaugh started Dormie College Links with the goal of helping prospective student-athletes and their parents successfully navigate through the complex college recruiting process.  From start to finish, the entire process can be overwhelming.  Understanding the player's ultimate goal of playing college golf and a possible scholarship, our program strives to develop tailor-made counsel for the player and parents.


Tailor-made programs and counsel are available.  From a one-time consultation to a two-year a la carte plan, clients can get the guidance necessary to help them navigate the journey to play golf at the collegiate level...